Wine prevents tooth decay?

There are a few people who need additional encouragement for dinner to drink a glass of wine. However, here is one for those who need it: According to the latest research, red wine can protect against tooth decay. In particular, the seeds of grapes prevent its occurrence.

It is estimated that tooth decay, gum disease and loss of teeth affect 60 to 90 percent of the world’s population.

Previous studies have shown that the seeds of the grapes in wine may slow the growth of bacteria in the mouth. This led the research team to try to determine whether they can prevent the very appearance of cavities, because tooth decay occurs when plaque on the teeth caused certain bacteria to develop. These bacteria produce tartar and produce acid that begins to damage the tooth. Regular  teeth brushing, fluoride in toothpaste and water can help to get rid of bacteria and plaque, but the effect is very limited. Therefore, with the wine you can not go wrong.

It’s just do not go right after a glass of wine to brush your teeth to avoid dark spots. Something that can definitely help with keeping your teeth in good condition is using nimbus toothbrush for your particular dental situation.  You just increased the chances of them staying forever. The acid from the wine can dissolve tooth enamel and will contribute to the erosion of tooth when brushing and stains will remain. Instead, neutralize acid with a glass of water and avoid shaking the wine in the mouth.

You think that you are the one who doesn’t have perfect teeth? Don’t worry, not even celebrities have them!


If you thought that all stars were born with naturally perfect teeth and a bright smile, think again. Most of them have built-in dental implants.


Plastic surgery has become so popular that it has taken hold. On the one hand, scientific achievements in this field have contributed to the solution for many, both aesthetic and health problems, allowing many people to greatly improve the quality of their life.


On the other hand, there are known and numerous abuses of aesthetic surgery, which got a lot of people much worse appearance or changed beyond recognition. Here, we will talk about those less risky cosmetic surgeries, which leads to confusion of many, but also caused insecurity for a large number of people.


We are talking about cosmetic dentistry and tooth form. The natural teeth are not completely white, but with the undertone that is closer to yellow. In rare cases, the teeth are arranged correctly and the correct size. In the vast majority of people, teeth grow in an incorrect position.


Irregularity such as “deep bite” is very common and almost normal, as well as the situation in which the permanent teeth do not fully occupy the size of the jaw. These problems are being successfully resolved in children, with the help of braces. In the elderly, it is a little harder to remove this “deficiency” in a natural way.


During life, the teeth change color and quality, and tooth loss is inevitable in many cases, it can be replaced only with fitting crowns and bridges, dental implants or dentures.


With that, one gets wrong conclusion that the people we see in the media are born with naturally perfect teeth. Of course, some were able to preserve the quality of tooth through proper and regular care, but totally perfect smile is not possible without the intervention of various dentists.


Some of the celebrities owe much of their self-confidence and photogenic appearance to cosmetic dentistry like Tom Cruise, Madonna, Victoria Beckham and George Clooney.


Tom Cruise in his youth had visibly irregular teeth, and much darker color than those you can see him with today.

Victoria Beckham, George Clooney and Chris Rock did not have too many imperfections, or have undergone surgery cosmetic dentistry from entirely aesthetic reasons.


Cheryl Cole is one of many that their perfect smile owes to its dentist.

If you admire perfect smiles of 50 Cent, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus or Nicolas Cage, see their photos from younger days. You will see that with the correct choice of dental practice, each of us can have”perfect” teeth.

The next time you’re trying to hide your smile, realizing that it is not perfect, keep in mind that no ones is. And if you dare to install implants or prostheses, and you can be one of those whom others would envy the perfect smile.


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